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Google Business Profile: 5 Quick Wins for Fitness Businesses

What is aGoogle Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a free business listing tool from Google that helps your business get seen in Google Search, Google Shopping and Google Maps (flippin’ KEY for gym owners).

A solid GBP (Google Business Profile) will allow you to provide really useful information about your gym or coaching business, including your services, photos, and most importantly, your location.

Think of GBP as a free business listing (like the Yellow Pages if you are old like me 👀). It’s a free and easy way to increase the visibility of your fitness business across some of Google’s main search platforms.

Why the heck is that important?

Well, if you haven’t got the time or resources right now to put into your website SEO (search engine optimisation), GBP can be a quick win to get your fitness business in front of your ideal prospects more regularly.

Google Search 👉 Boost the searchability of your fitness business

Google Maps 👉 When people search ‘gyms near me’, this is what helps you get seen

Google Shopping 👉 Sell supplements or gym equipment? Then this is for you

There’s a small caveat…

GBP is really only ideal for fitness businesses that have contact with customers, so fitness businesses with a physical location (a gym or PT studio for example).

If your coaching business is purely online, then you’ll need to revert to other Google tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads to help with your online presence.

But do not despair… more blogs to come on those tools so keep an eye out!

So what's the point in a Google Business Profile?

Simple. It’s damn good for business and it’s free.

We all know what Google is, right? And we all see Google as reputable, right? So when a business pops up on the right-hand side of Google Search or in Google Maps, we instinctively see that business listing as more reputable than a business that does not.

Stick with me here…

There’s a shed load of data out there that says businesses with a GBP are more likely to get clicked and more likely to make a sale, so don’t miss out on this simple and free opportunity to boost your fitness business!

Not got a GBP… get one 🫡

I’m not going to go into detail in this blog about how you set a GBP up, you only need to search in Google and you’ll be inundated with quick and easy step-by-step guides, so we’ll just move onto quick wins you can implement with your GBP today to boost your online presence.

Quick GBP Wins for fitness businesses

1. Check Your Basic Info

Head to your edit panel and double-check that all of your contact information is correct. If you haven’t logged in for a while then there could be old email addresses in there or old numbers. So get them updated.

Under the ‘About’ section you can add in a short description of your fitness business, so make sure that firstly, you’ve got one there! And secondly that it’s still in line with your business and what you want to offer.

Also make sure that your business hours are correct and you’ve verified your location. If you operate from a fitness studio or gym then this part is imperative to your GBP success!

2. Add Images and Photos

Seems pretty basic right, and it is, but it’s also so important (and quick to update!).

Get some images and video in there that make it easier for people to recognise your brand. 

Make sure that content is also relevant. If you run a gym, showcase your timetable, your gym equipment, the gym space and your team members and coaches. Ensure these images aren’t low resolution and pixelated so if you need to – invest in a content production team to do it for you 👀

Stats from Google show that listings with images and video receive more requests for directions and more clicks through to the website – so it’s a pretty good one to make sure you’ve got nailed.

3. Include Keywords

If you’ve not delved into SEO before then this is a good place to start! Make sure you’ve got some relevant keywords across your GBP. For example, if you’re a gym owner in Liverpool then make sure you state that exact keyword… ‘ We are a strength and conditioning gym in Liverpool’.

Having searchable and relevant keywords across your entire GBP will help boost your rankings – but beware… keyword stuffing won’t help you at all. So make sure any keywords that you do use work within your copy naturally and provide genuine information to your searcher/prospect.


Nothing says ‘I’m a good fitness business’ better than a positive review. So ask your current members, clients, your nan (don’t do that) to write you an honest review. Then reply to that review. Say thank you or provide further context or information to that review.

Social proof is one of the most valuable ways that we can promote our businesses, people trust other people more than they trust a company or brand. So take advantage of that.

😟 What if you get a negative review?

We all want five stars, but sometimes we might just get three or four or just get a really disgruntled client that likes themselves a keyboard warrior. It happens. But don’t ignore it.

Respond to any negativity. If it’s a known client that marked you down for simple mistakes or their feedback is justified, then respond to say thank you for their feedback and that you take everything on board to help make your business better.

Do the same thing even if it is a keyboard warrior. If you disagree with their feedback then say so in a professional and polite manner, don’t leave any review with zero response.

5. Add Your Products and Services

If you sell products like merch or supplements then list them on your GBP for the opportunity to have them appear in Google Shopping. Winner.

If you sell coaching services or gym memberships then list those too. These services also have the potential to appear in Google Search. Winner, winner.

Pssst... fancy a free template?

This one is on us, just click the link below to grab your free presentation template.

Maintain Your Google Business Profile

This blog isn’t here to provide you with an exhaustive list of ways to optimise your Google Business Profile but it’s a damn good way to get started or give a pretty instant boost to your existing online presence.

There are many more ways your GBP can help boost your fitness business and we’ll be posting more about other strategies in the coming months.

So if Google’s tools are of interest to you, your marketing and business growth then make sure you keep an eye out for more blogs, hints and tips.

Key takeaways

  • Have a location-based fitness business? Get a Google Business Profile set up.
  • Make sure your basic details are up to date and add fresh content (images, video etc.) on a regular basis.
  • Treat your GBP like a second/mini website. Provide the specific details that your prospects will be searching for when on the hunt for a coaching business or gym just like yours.

what's next?

  • We’ve got more blogs to come on these topics so make sure you keep an eye on our website and socials for the heads up!
  • Have you had chance to read our blog on sales funnel templates yet? It’s been quite a popular one so check it out when you get the time.

keep up to date

Thanks for reading our blog, we hope it’s offered some help in your own fitness website build. If you’ve got any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them on here or drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We’ve got more blogs for you here > Make sure you check back regularly to keep up to date with all things fitness branding. 

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